Please note that the content on this page is currently under review due to the change from core medical training to IMT. While much of the information will be similar, we advise that you check back on this page at a later date to receive the most up-to-date information and contact the region should you have any queries.

Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education are one organisation within Health Education South West (HESW).

While HESW is a single region, there will continue to be two distinct training programmes; ie Severn and Peninsula. More information on the two areas is given across the tabs on this page.

Locations & trusts

Health Education South West Peninsula is located in the South of England and incorporates Devon and Cornwall. The link below provides a map to all locations within the Peninsula CMT training programme.

Trusts within the Peninsula offering Core medical training:

The programme

HESW offers CMT training in all 5 Trusts.  All rotations consist of four month posts, completing six rotations at the end of the two year CMT programme.

ACCS Acute medicine posts are six month rotations completing six rotations at the end of the ACCS programme.

Our CMT programmes incorporate acute and non- acute  specialties to give trainees a broad variety of training and experiences.

You will stay in one Trust for your whole training which means that you do not have to travel between hospitals. Trainees find this enormously beneficial as it means they can settle in one area and get to know colleagues well; this reduces the feeling of isolation that can happen if you are required to move every year.  

When advertising our posts we list the first year of specialties within each training programme so you can preference your posts with a good idea of what specialties you will be undertaking in the first year of training. For the 2nd year we try and accommodate requests to fit in with your career choices.

Programme features

The South West Peninsula offers a wide range of teaching, training and simulation opportunities to support you through your CMT programme and MRCP.

  • Free PACEs training course (offered within the Peninsula 3 times a year in Cornwall, Plymouth and Exeter from 2016)
  • Local and regional teaching – most Trusts offer all day teaching sessions so you are not pulled back into Ward duties
  • Opportunity to engage in various QI projects with a local Quality Improvement expert
  • Simulation training packages being currently developed for all CMT trainees
  • High quality educational supervision

Life in Peninsula

If you choose to come and train with us you will have the opportunity to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. There is no better place for an active outdoor lifestyle with an excellent climate.

The unspoilt beaches along the North Devon and North Cornwall coasts provide some of the UK’s best surf breaks, whilst the picturesque South Coast provides the backdrop for some great sailing and windsurfing. The spectacular moorland of Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor, along with the South West Coastal Path, provide limitless possibilities for hikers, climbers and mountain bikers.

For those more attracted to urban living, Exeter and Plymouth offer you the chance to live in vibrant, historic and multicultural university cities, with excellent links to the rest of the country (Exeter to London Paddington is only two hours by train). There are plenty of smaller towns and villages to choose from for those who prefer a quieter life. 

In the South West Peninsula you will have the opportunity to mix and match lifestyle choices and undertake high quality, well-regulated training in medical specialities.

Location & trusts

The Severn Postgraduate School of Medicine is a vibrant organisation firmly committed to training future generations of physicians. We aspire to excellence through providing the highest quality of medical training whilst encouraging innovation and research. Our rotations provide clinical experience in district general hospitals, both small and large, and our teaching hospitals.

  • NBT – North Bristol NHS Trust
  • UHB – University Hospitals Bristol
  • GWH – Great Western Hospital NHSFT Swindon
  • Chelt/Glos – Cheltenham and Gloucester
  • Weston Super Mare – Weston Area Health
  • Yeovil – Yeovil District Hospital NHSFT
  • Bath – Bath Royal United Hospital NHS Trust
  • Taunton – Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

Please visit the Severn postgraduate medical education website for further information.

The programme

Core medical training rotations are based in one or two trusts. Some posts have 2 year rotations ( in UHB and NBT) Most of the other rotations are between two trusts. The current pairings are in North Bristol/ Gloucestershire, UHB/ Weston; UHB/Taunton, UHB/ Yeovil and Bath/Swindon.

The posts in these rotations are all appropriate to training in acute and general medicine together with some opportunities to gain experience in some of the specialties. Most involve a total of 6 x 4 month attachments but a few include some 6 month blocks ( e.g. critical care medicine) .Successful candidates at interview were asked to rank their choice of trusts. The actual rotations were allocated by the Royal College Tutor in each Trust level based on the ranking after interview.

Please note that some minor changes have to be made from time to time to our rotations. The information given by the RCP Tutors in the following individual descriptions of their rotations must not therefore be regarded as “set in stone”.

The RCP tutor monitors the progress of all trainees in their trust with the help of consultants acting as educational supervisors. New trainees will meet them at their induction day and be allocated their educational supervisor. Practices vary but in most trusts you will have the same educational supervisor for at least a year. They will meet with you and supervise your e-portfolio with you but it is your responsibility to make appointments with them to do this. We will also run a deanery induction.

Programme features

For further information on the programmes available please use the following link: CMT prefence information.

Our Head of School, Training Programme Directors, College Tutors and educational supervisors are highly motivated with a passion for educating and supporting trainees, in order to  ensure they achieve their full potential. We are ably supported by an efficient management team based at Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME).

The Severn School has close links with its sister school in the Peninsula because in the past we were combined as the South West Region Deanery. Following the creation of the Peninsula Undergraduate Medical School, the Peninsula was given its own Postgraduate Medical Education office but a number of higher specialty training programmes still continue to span both regions.

Life in Severn

The Severn area offers something for everyone; the elegant Georgian cities of Bath and Cheltenham, the cosmopolitan feel of Bristol, and easy access to beautiful countryside and coastline. Leisure, sports and cultural opportunities are superb, with excellent rail links to London and the M5 motorway for the Devon and Cornwall coasts further south.

Please visit our website for further region information.