IMT Recruitment website updated for 2019


The IMT website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2019 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which can be... more

The new internal medicine curriculum: webinar for foundation doctors


The JRCPTB held a webinar on Wednesday 12 Sepetmber to raise foundation doctors' awareness of the new internal medicine curriculum which is due to launch in August 2019. A recording of the... more

2019 rounds 1 and 2 timeline published


The timelines for round 1 and 2 of 2019 CT1 recruitment have now been confirmed and published to the dates and posts page of this website. Please note that interview dates and... more

2018 Fill rates and competition ratios published


The website has been updated with data from the 2018 recruitment year. This includes: Application numbers and competition ratios - in the previous years' data page. Vacancy numbers and... more