This section of the website looks at making your application; giving guidance on completing the form. Covered in this section are four main areas:

  • The Oriel application system - only applications submitted online, via Oriel will be accepted. If you believe that you will have difficulty completing an online application, please contact the PSRO as far as possible in advance of the deadline.
  • The application form - information on the various sections of the application form.
  • Scoring - guidance on the self-assessment section of the application form. It is highly important to ensure you score yourself appropriately so you should refer to this section when completing this part of the application form. Inaccuracies/inconsistencies between your application form and the evidence you provide at interview, are treated very seriously.
  • After submission - information on the next steps after your application has been submitted, particularly how long and short-listing are carried out.

Further resources/information

Completing the application form generates the highest number of queries from applicants during the recruitment process, the most commonly received queries and accompanying answers are given on our application form FAQs page.

For queries not answered within this section or the FAQs, please visit the contacts section of this website for details on where queries can be directed.