Your application is made jointly for consideration for both ACCS-IM and IMT programmes. Around the time of interview you will be able to preference the available programmes to indicate whether you are interested in: just IMT, just ACCS-IM or both; the programme preferences section details how this process works.

The about ACCS-IM and about IMT sections of this website contain some introductory information about the training programmes.

Further information on ACCS-IM and IMT can be found on the JRCPTB website, including details of curricula, assessment methods, details of the training involved, etc. You can also visit the ACCS website for more information on the various ACCS programmes.

ACCS-IM vacancies

Please be aware that not all regions will have ACCS-IM posts available, so please check the dates & posts page for up to date post numbers in each region. 

The website contains a specific regions section, with a page dedicated to each region giving some information on the area and programmes within it. For further information you should go to the relevant region's website; a link is provided on each region's page.

How will I select my preferred region?

When making your application you will not need to give any regional preferences, and will be interviewed online, see the dates & posts page for information. You will remain in contention for all ACCS-IM/IMT vacancies available nationally, and when you are invited to give your preferences there will be no restriction on how many posts you can choose.

Eligible candidates will be contacted by email when programme preferences are available to choose; the dates and posts page gives dates for when this is estimated to be. Preference information will include the particular area/hospital locations, specialties covered, etc.

More information can be found on the programme preferences page.