IMT programme and recruitment process webinar

On Tuesday 12 September 2023, the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board hosted an interactive and informative webinar providing information and guidance on Internal Medicine Training and the recruitment and application process. This webinar is relevant for trainees applying this year and considering an application in future years. The webinar covered:

  • An introduction to IMT
  • An overview of the recruitment process
  • The trainee experience - applying and preparing for interview 
  • Question and Answer

This section of the website gives guidance on the IMT interview process. Covered in this section are five main areas; please select the relevent link below for further information.

  • Invitation & booking - should your application be assessed as eligible, and score highly enough to progress through shortlisting, then you will be invited to interview. Information is given here about how invitations to interview will be sent and how you can book your slot.
  • Interview preparation - information about things you should be doing before your interview day to prepare. Please carefully review the information on this page before attending your interview. 
  • Interview structure & content - the IMT interview process follows a defined national structure which is the same regardless of where you are interviewed. Please visit this page for further information about the national IMT interview structure and the areas on which you will be assessed.
  • Interview scoring - all candidates, regardless of where they are interviewed, will be scored to the same range on the same areas. These scores will be used to determine if your application can be considered appointable.
  • After the interview - once all scores have been verified and compiled, appointable candidates are ranked in order of total score with this ranking used alongside programme preferences to determine offers.

Please be aware that the IMT interview is the same regardless of whether you would wish to be considered for IMT posts in ACCS-IM, IMT or both.