Assessment methods

This page gives an overview of how your IMT application will be assessed. There is more detailed information about each stage on the relevant sections of the website.

Your application will be assessed at three main stages:

  • Longlisting – ensuring you can meet the main eligibility criteria to be considered for an IMT post; this is mainly foundation competence and minimum experience.
  • Shortlisting -  if capacity is insufficient to interview all eligible candidates, deciding who can be invited to interview.
  • Interview – assessment by consultant interviewers based on your answers to a variety of question areas.

Application self-assessment

When you apply you will assess yourself against an application scoring matrix based on your achievements across a number of domains. This will generate a score and, if applications exceed interview capacity, candidates will be invited in order of score; with tie-breakers being employed for applicants with the same total score using each of the domains in turn.

Shortlisting is the only stage at which the self-assessment score will be used and it is likely that you will not need to provide any supporting evidence for your claims. However, you must have access to documentation proving every claim you make as you could be asked to supply evidence as part of a randomised audit. The evidence documents section of the website has further information about this area.

Although the application score will not directly contribute to your overall assessment score used for offers, you will have opportunity at interview to summarise and discuss your achievements, and this will form a significant contribution to the interview score. 


Assessors are aware that, on occasion, it will not always be clear exactly which option to choose and so will not treat most cases of perceived over-claiming as a serious offence. However, any instances of candidates blatantly or persistently trying to gain an unfair advantage by over-claiming scores for and/or exaggerating their achievements will lead to a probity investigation and applicants in this position should expect to be contacted to review their scoring.


There is an extensive section of the website with information about the interview, including the format and content. At interview it will be determined if you can be considered for appointment, and the interview alone will form all of the marks used for your total score, which is used to rank candidates for the offers process.