Update to 2021 R1 timeline and additional interview dates added

Due to a higher volume of applications for round 1 this year, we have decided to increase interview capacity, and worked with regions so that we may interview more applicants. As a result, there will be additional interview dates, with the current interview window increased to late March; this will subsequently affect later aspects of the timeline.

The following parts of the recruitment will be affected:

-          Programme preferences - this will change and likely be in March now

-          Interview feedback – this will be released after the last set of interview dates in early April

-          First offers – the date for first offers will also be in early April

The exact dates will be confirmed on the website so please keep an eye on the IMT recruitment website, which will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect the confirmed dates: https://www.imtrecruitment.org.uk/recruitment-process/dates-posts.

 Additional interview dates have also been added which will be in March.