No round 2 for 2022 recruitment

Due to the number of applications received in round 1, it is not currently planned to hold a second round of IMT Recruitment for programmes starting in 2022. If this changes, the website will be updated and a news item added. Assuming there is no change, the next recruitment to IMT/ACCS-IM programmes will be round 1 for 2023 recruitment, which is likely to open in November 2022.


If you are planning to apply for 2023 recruitment, the 2022 process is likely to be a good guide as to the timetableeligibility rules and general process for subsequent years. However, in light of the ongoing pandemic this is subject to change and cannot be confirmed. The website is updated for future years approximately a month before applications open for that year so you can check back at that time, however, significant changes will be noted in our news section.