IMY3 recruitment information updated for 2022 and notification of changes to the timetable

The area of the website for recruitment to stand-alone IMY3 programmes has been updated for the 2022 process. Whilst much of the process is the same as the 2021 process, there have been changes to the timetable. 

UK nations

The national process includes England, Scotland and Wales, with Northern Ireland conducting their process separately.

English regions and Wales will recruit via a single vacancy with Scotland recruiting separately to a different timetable.

Timetable for applying

The timetable differs depending on whether you wish to pursue an IMY3 post in England/Wales or Scotland. Below is a high-level timeline, the timeline section of the website has more detailed information.


England & Wales



17 March – 7 April 2022

4 November – 1 December 2021


Late May – early June 2022

March 2022

Post start date

September 2022

August 2022

Post availability

Once applications close, regions will be aiming to find posts for as many trainees as possible.

It is not possible to guarantee an offer this year, however, we are hopeful that places can be found for all those who wish to accept an offer.

Applicant priority

Each region will be prioritising posts for trainees who undertook core training in their area. Due to a high number of applications in 2021, those who applied and did not take up a post were offered priority in 2022 recruitment. Ranking for offers will again be done randomly, using the following prioritisation:

  1. Applied in 2021 and trained in the region of application.
  2. Did not apply in 2021 and trained in the region of application.
  3. Did not train in the region of application.

Additional queries

Should you have any queries which are not answered on the website, please see the who do I contact page of the IMY3 section for details.