IMT 2021 Round 1 - interviews cancelled, contingency arrangements commencing

Further to the recent announcement by the four UK Statutory Education Bodies with important news about the IMT recruitment process for 2021. Interviews for round 1 of 2021 IMT recruitment have been cancelled. 

The escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse impact on clinician availability for the physicianly specialties planned recruitment process, both for interviewers and interviewees. Therefore, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel all interviews in this round and revert to the previously agreed and published contingency plan.  All stakeholders agree that the revised approach is preferable to significant postponement or cancellation of the entire recruitment process that could result from a delayed decision. 

We have published detailed guidance for candidates in the Document Library on what the change of the process will entail.  

We will continue to liaise with trainee representatives and will provide regular updates. We are committed to delivery of a fair and accessible recruitment process and we will provide as much support as possible for candidates to navigate the revised recruitment process. 

Below are key points of which you will need to be aware. 

Evidence document uploading 

The contingency plan requires you to upload evidence to support the claims made in the self-assessment section of the application form so this can be verified by a senior clinician.  

You will need to upload your evidence by 12pm (midday) on Monday 25 January 2021 

Documentation is NOT uploaded to Oriel and details of how to access the system can be found in the guidance document on the website. 

The original deadline for uploading evidence, when this was optional should the contingency plan be required, was set as 4 February. This has had to be brought forward to give as much time as possible to review applications and enable planned interview days to be utilised by available consultants for evidence checking. If you have already uploaded documents to the system, these will be unaffected and you can still add, remove or amend as needed up until the deadline. 

It is very important that you upload documents within the key principles detailed in the guidance document. This is a key component of the process and uploading evidence should be treated with the same degree of care as if a physical folder were being presented at interview. 

Well-presented and organised documents will enable assessors to give maximum credit for your achievements, whilst poorly organised or incomplete evidence could impact negatively on your application. 

Contingency plan assessment methods 

In addition to verified self-assessment, applications will also be assessed via an application form review. No additional information to that supplied on the form is required or can be accepted. 

Scores will be awarded across a number of areas and these scores will be used to determine if an application can be considered for appointment and will contribute to the total score.   

Next steps 

We aim to publish further information by Monday 25 January regarding the specifics of the assessment matrix. 

Starting from 25 January, evidence will be checked and this is anticipated to continue through until late-March. On completion, all candidates will be emailed the verified scores and given chance to review. Once all verified scores are confirmed, you will be given your ranking and offers will start in April, in parallel with other CT1/ST1-level specialties. 

We do not have all the answers right now and are working hard to confirm details of the process as soon as possible. The guidance document on the website will be the main source for updates and you will be emailed each time there is an update. 

We will continue to liaise with trainee representatives in the confirmation of the contingency plan details.