IMT 2019 round 1 - application scoring matrix confirmed

The application scoring matrix for round 1 of IMT Recruitment has been confirmed and there are not anticipated to be any changes between now and the round commencing on 7 November. 

The scoring matrix is largely the same as 2018 and changes have been primarily to add guidance on what can be selected in each scoring area. 

Despite this, we appreciate that achievements will not always fit under one option and you will need to make a decision about which option to choose. Our general guidance is to read the guidance on the website and use your professional judgement to select the highest one on the list that you feel you can justify between the text you will supply on the application form and the evidence you will bring to interview; interviewers are aware that the scoring matrix will not cover all options and provided that your selection and justification is reasonable assessment will not be overly stringent.

In most cases we will not be able to offer any guidance beyond that in the application scoring section of the website and the applying FAQs section and all applicants should refer to the website when completing this section of the application form.