2019 IMT round 1 applications now closed

As of 4pm, Thursday 29 November 2018, applications for IMT round 1 2019 are closed and no further applications will be accepted.

Late applications cannot and will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Next steps

The timings for the next stages of the process are below; you will be emailed if any changes are necessary:

  • Longlisting - all applicants will find out if they can progress to shortlisting on 19 December.
  • Shortlisting - this will take place by 20 December; it is anticipated that all those longlisted will be invited to interview.
  • Invitation to interview - these will be sent by close of business on Friday 21 December.

For further information on the next steps of the 2019 recruitment process, please see the after submission and the recruitment timeline pages of this website.

We would advise all applicants to read the interview section of this website, particularly the preparing for interview page.