If an applicant who meets the eligibility criteria does not receive an offer from their chosen region, they will progress through to national clearing.

National clearing will group all remaining candidates into one pool and re-rank them as one cohort through the random process. Then the applicants will be able to rank their programme preferences from those available to go through the matching algorithm again.

Available programmes in clearing

In May, each region will determine whether they have any additional IMY3 posts to offer. This will be once they have allocated rotations to all those moving from IMY2 to IMY3 and those accepting a stand-alone IMY3 post.

It is not possible to give any indication until that time whether there will be any need for clearing and, if so, in which regions. Should there be the need for clearing, the following will apply:

  • All eligible applicants without an offer, and who have not accepted another offer in the round, can be considered.
  • A subsequent randomised process will be undertaken to give clearing candidates their clearing rank; there will be no prioritisation categories at this stage.
  • At the clearing stage, specific rotation information (hospital and specialty) will be available and clearing applicants will be given opportunity to preference across all regions participating in clearing.
  • If an applicant receives an offer in clearing, they will have the option to accept or decline it, they cannot hold or opt in for upgrades.
  • Offers will be made in accordance with rank and preferences and there will be no opportunity to hold an offer or opt in for upgrades. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to only preference programmes that they will accept if offered.

Clearing offers will be completed in late-May.